Questions & Answers

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Why can't I find any packages or prices for disc jockey services on your web site or in the information you sent me?
Carlysle Entertainment provides a customized service for every event.  Because of this our pricing is not based on an hourly rate or a menu of packages that provide too much or too little for your exact needs. We believe it is best to gather information about your event and prepare a proposal based on those details and our knowledge of the proper sound support and potential unique qualities of your venue. Our objective is to accommodate all your needs while making sure you are not spending more than necessary to have everything you desire.   

We will look for details other disc jockeys and event coordinators will never think to ask about.  We do this because we know the impact it brings to the success of your event and because we would prefer to be prepared for every possibility as opposed to needing to solve a problem at the last minute.  We will be happy to provide you with a free event planning consultation and proposal for your event to demonstrate how Carlysle Entertainment will ensure your event will be a complete success.

How much deposit do you require?
Carlysle Entertainment requires a 50% deposit for most contracts unless other arrangements are noted in the contract.  The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event date to prevent the need for the performer to collect payment before or during the event.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments prior to the event date by check and debit or credit cards.

What is included in the price for your services?
Your contract with Carlysle Entertainment includes all services and additional equipment as detailed in the event invoice.  Travel, set up, and take down time are also factored in but not charged in the invoice.  If your contract includes rental items or any products that are not the property of Carlysle Entertainment, damage waivers and applicable taxes will be itemized on the invoice.  Should your contract include any amusements, rentals, promotional items, rides, activities, or other taxable items, you will find those taxes will also be listed in your invoice.  

What is NOT included in the price for your services?
There are no "hidden fees" to worry about.  While travel, set up, and take down time are factored into the consideration of our proposals it is not an additional fee that will be added at a later time.  There are no sales commissions or other forms of price mark ups involved in our prices either.  Everyone at Carlysle Entertainment from ownership and sales to performers and support staff are paid a salary or flat rate for their efforts.  
Carlysle Entertainment also does not include a mandatory gratuity or “service fee” for performers, staff, and event personnel, although they do often receive considerate gratuities for a job well done, which brings us to our next question.

Do I need to tip my DJ or performer and if so when and how much?
Carlysle Entertainment does not require a gratuity or include one in the price of your event, however, many of our professional disc jockeys, live performers, and event staff have an excellent track record of receiving generous gratuities for their efforts.  We do ask that they notify us of any gratuities simply so we may be aware of their success at exceeding your expectations thus earning a gratuity or "tip," but we do not take a percentage of what they receive as many "talent agencies" and large disc jockey companies that use random sub contractors are often known to do.
If you feel your disc jockey or performer went above and beyond the call of duty or simply did an excellent job and you wish to give them a gratuity we suggest it be done at the end of the event.  There truly is no right or wrong amount to "tip" someone but as a point of reference many of our disc jockeys and live performers often report gratuities that range from 10% - 30% of the contract total.

Is Carlysle Entertainment just a professional disc jockey company?
Carlysle Entertainment is a full service entertainment company that specializes in professional disc jockey services and event coordinating.  We offer a variety of services for a wide range of events.  While our primary business is providing the best professional wedding disc jockey services in the Mid-Atlantic region, Carlysle Entertainment also is your best source for all your event planning needs.  Some of the many additional options and services we offer include custom atmospheric lighting and up lighting, illuminated custom wedding monograms or company logos, contemporary or vintage furnishings and décor, pipe & drapery, audio and visual production, staging, and event rentals. Carlysle Entertainment also works with a select ensemble of live entertainers such as magicians, hand writing analysis experts, and celebrity tribute performers. If you would like to have a jazz trio for your corporate event cocktail hour or wish to have Elvis sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” for your first dance, Carlysle Entertainment can make those magical moments happen. As we have said many times, it's not just music, it's the whole party!

Does Carlysle Entertainment provide services outside of the Baltimore, Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC, region?
We certainly do!  Carlysle Entertainment serves the entire Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  We have traveled as far as our clients are willing to send us for events including as far west as Denver, Colorado, as far north as South Hampton, New York, and as far south as Palm Beach, Florida but most of the areas we cover on a regular basis include all of Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.  

May I come to see our disc jockey at an event before I decide to contract them for my own?
We always provide the opportunity for our clients to actually meet with their disc jockey in person or if that is logistically challenging then by phone.  This will allow you to discuss the details of your wedding plans and get a feel for their personality and how they will be able to best accommodate your needs while working with you to help make certain your wedding will be a complete success.  
With that said, the answer to the question is respectfully, no.  That is something we do not encourage.  We respect the privacy of your event and just as you would not wish for us to invite other clients to your event we cannot expect anyone else to do the same.  However, we will graciously invite you to visit any of the public events our disc jockeys will be performing at in the future.  You will see announcements of these public events posted on the Carlysle Entertainment Facebook page.  

When we schedule an initial appointment to meet with you will you be giving us a live demonstration or show us a video of your disc jockeys in action?
Absolutely not!  Carlysle Entertainment does not need to resort to gimmicks and sales tactics that have no actual bearing on how your disc jockey will perform at your event.  The live “demo” is a commonly used sales ploy that is supposedly offered to showcase the disc jockey’s ability to match up to your musical tastes, using songs that are currently popular or ones you may have just been discussing but it was as if they had “read your mind.”  They are performed on a sound system that is likely set up in their warehouse or office, used exclusively for demos, and not used in the field at events.  Videos are even far less effective at giving you an accurate assessment of your disc jockey’s abilities or the quality of their sound systems.  

We believe the best way to know for certain if you are choosing the right professional disc jockey for your event is to actually sit down and meet with them, or at the very least, have an extensive conversation on the phone if meeting in person is not logistically feasible.  This will give you the opportunity to ask the disc jockey any questions you may have and address any issues you feel are important to achieving the wedding or special event you have always dreamed of and more.  We also feel it is helpful to make certain you and your disc jockey have a good personality match and that they will be a good match for the atmosphere of your wedding.  Remember the DJ has the most direct effect on the overall success of your event.  You want to be certain you are choosing a person you can completely trust to work with you to ensure your wedding or special event will be a complete success.

What types of equipment do your disc jockeys use?
All of our disc jockeys use digital, professional grade playback equipment and concert level sound support.  We use only the top professional brands in the industry, such as, Pioneer Digital Controllers & Pioneer CD players, Pioneer and Rane mixers, QSC, Crest Audio, and Crown amplifiers, EV (Electro-Voice), QSC, and RCF speakers, as well as  Sennheiser  and Shure wireless microphones.  All of our disc jockey systems are equipped with backups both through redundancy and having additional equipment ready and waiting on site if needed.